S Fold drapery or sheers is a modern, contemporary and luxurious looking style of curtain where the undulations in the fabric are achieved through the spacing of the carriers and the special S Fold tape. This is a popular choice for architects, designers, partly because the curtains have no back – that is, they appear the same from either side.

They have an appealing and versatile look. It’s modern, contemporary and luxurious enough to pair nicely with statement lighting, angular artworks or statement decor, but simple enough to suit a more traditional lounge room or bedroom. Because of their construction, S Fold curtains create less bulky ‘stacking’ when open compared to other curtain types, giving you have a better view.

S Fold drapery or sheers really showcase the fabric in your drapery. More pattern and colour is visible with this style rather than getting folded away in pleats.

Heavier weights can be used in S Fold curtains and will fall nicely with this style. Some heavy fabrics are just too thick to be used in a pleated style. S fold curtains can be used to create sleek and clean lines, elegant window coverings and warm contemporary interiors, among other styles.

Victory Quality Finishes

Quality Fabrics:

Available in blockout and sheer varieties, Victory has Australia’s largest range in designer curtain fabrics and styles.

Excellent Insulation

Adore Decor help trap the still air between the window and a room keeping you warmer in winter and protecting you from the harsh summer heat, saving you on energy bills. Add a pelmet and separate lining for even more protection and light control.


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